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It's the weekend and you are bored. Clueless of what you can do? Here is a blockbuster Oscar award winning movies guessing game based on Minimalist Poster. Oh, the all you need is good eyes for top charts movies and role of your favorite stars, too..!!

A mix of top charts like Rio, Lego, Batman and Titanic: Movie Master Guess the movie is the ultimate trivia crack game of blockbuster. Including lot of Animation movies and Oscar award winning movies of your favorite stars, game only need to guess the top charts blockbuster name based on minimalist poster shown at screen.

Who all are your top charts favorite stars directors, this trivia crack game tests your knowledge for best directors ranked for directing famous blockbuster or Oscar award winning movies as well.
The trivia crack movies are selected from top charts, blockbuster genre with Oscar award winning movies of your favorite stars. Also including some animation movies, different trivia crack are organized to test your skills with Minimalist Posters!

1. 270 top charts blockbuster movies to guess! Frequent App updates!
2. 6 amazing shows including Oscar award winning movies and animation movies of worldwide favorite stars!
3. Trivia crack game with helpful clues! Two Lifelines to help!
4. Finally choose skip in case you really stuck in animation movies selection!!
5. Unlock wheel for collecting points!
6. Ultimate Minimalist Poster designs!!

Go Ahead and Enjoy!!
[Note: If you purchase lifelines from shop, then your points will not be deducted]

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