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Gravity heroes escape is one of the best adventure platformer game. This is a physics based game of super alien heroes.

In this platformer game our super alien Hero named Bobo is trying to escape from the environment. This is the hardest game ever as you have to tap at the correct time to make Bobo ,run and enter into the next level.
Gravity heroes escape takes you to the next level of adventure platforming with 30 levels of fun space . Bobo is smart alien but he needs your help to move on in this game.

To help this super hero there are few elements to help like portal and switch button to move and escape from monsters looking for Bobo the Super alien.

Game Features:
1. Gravity based game.
2. Physics game.
3. Alien Super Hero.
4. Space environment.
5. Great graphical game.
6. A platformer Alien escape game.

Let's start from the scratch and help our Super Alien Hero Bobo in this physics based platformer game!


Dgavity Duck EXE itch.io.zip 42 MB
gravityheroesescape.apk 37 MB

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