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Bubbles Popper 2016 is the most classic and amazing bubbles popping game. Bubbles Popper is simple but addicting bubble popping game.

It seems easy but it is amazingly fun and challenging, you just clear the bubble by popping two or more adjacent bubbles with the same color.
pop connected bubbles of the same color to earn points. the more bubble you pop the more points you earn. The more bubble you pop in a single click, the more points you get for every bubble burst. Pop as many bubbles as possible to move to the next level.

Bubble Popper 2016 is most classic and amazing bubble shooting game in which you poke bunch of bubbles with other bubble and bubble burst.

Bubbles Popper has two mode for get more enjoyment and fun of bubble burst & bubble shooting experience.
1. Bubble Buster :Just Pop, Pop ,Pops! as much bubble as you can in single tap.
2. Bubble Shoot : Gives you amazing bubble shooting experience.

Bubbles Popper 2016 is very cool and suitable for all age: kids, toddlers, teenagers and adult. Kids loves the action like popping of bubble, pok bubble, Pop etc.
If you are lovers of shooting game like bubble shooter, and your hobby is to shoot bubbles or Poke bubbles then bubbles popper 2016 is perfect for you.

Bubbles Popper is very simple and the best way to spend free time on an airport, on the bus or train in city. its help you relax a lot when you get stressful with candy. A new experience but still the same goal: form groups of 3 or more bubble and burst or pops them.

shoot bubble algorithm and cleverly created levels that are here to test all your skills and commitment to solve the puzzles.

How to Play Bubbles Popper
-Tap where you want the Pop, pops or burst bubble.
-Make group 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.
-Clear the current bubble buster level to unlock next one.

Features :
1. 100+ levels of challenging puzzles !
2. Earn a high score, beat your friends score and share with your friends on social network.
3. Power up and boosts.
4. cheerful animations and playful music.
5. Magical booster to help with challenging levels.
6. Leader boards to watch your friends and competitors !

Get ready for the most exciting bubble popping or pop bubble or bubble shooting of all time, Play and enjoy ! Everything you love and much more !

Bubble pop with your hands becoming more skillful, you can use your intelligence to play effectively.

Bubble popper is waiting For you Come & Join Have A Blast.


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